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The underlying goal of this program is to plant the seeds and provide a vision of entrepreneurship to show our women their ability to own businesses, by creating goods and services that they have a passion for.

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Servant’s House works hard to empower the women who are entrusted to our care to deal directly with and move beyond the myriad of circumstances that have contributed to their homelessness.


By providing case management and access to mental health, substance abuse counseling or other identified services they may need, we help our women to gain a better sense of “self” and give them every opportunity to leave us as a better version of themselves.


Through our “Almost Home” Social Enterprise Project, we work to provide training that gives our women unique skills and abilities that will increase their employability value with potential employers or to even help them lay the groundwork for creating their own business through social enterprise and entrepreneurship.


With the support and assistance of staff, volunteers and community resources, we are teaching women to learn how to create jewelry, teaching basic sewing skills and in some cases, reinforcing and strengthening skills they learned earlier in life to create their own clothing or clothing for their children and taking artistic and graphic art abilities to design tee shirts. All of these newly learned skills open doors for the women to realize that they can improve and enhance their financial standing by selling items they create through the many avenues available to them in today’s markets such as online stores, community and state-wide markets and fairs that are offered throughout the year.


Ultimately, our goal is to create as many opportunities for our women to see themselves as fully capable and independent women who are able to and have the capacity to own and operate their own businesses while giving themselves an opportunity to break down those barriers that once held them down and back.


The Sewing Project was the first of our social enterprise projects. 

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Under the guidance of an expert seamstress (a former client of our shelter program), women are taught the basics of sewing. From machine operation and maintenance, to pattern selection and cutting, to material selection, to finished product, the women have found that they have the skills to create their own clothing. The initial success of the program allowed many of the women to begin creating simple household items such as pillow covers, table cloths and placemats as well as fanciful dashikis which were marketed and sold at a few local holiday fairs.


With the support and instruction of local artisans, the woman have learned how to make simple, yet elegant pieces of jewelry. 

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Para-cord bracelets and keychains, beaded bracelets, necklaces and earrings, and sterling silver bracelets and earrings. Much of the jewelry work requires a keen sense of detail and attention while creating and the women have found the work to be relaxing and rewarding.


This newest venture has been wildly successful. 

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Woman have been able to realize their artistic talents come to life in the creation of tee-shirts that are printed on our state of the art Direct to Garment (DTG) printer. Unlike silk-screening, shirts printed via the DTG method have NO color limitations. Because of this, an artist’s vision is fully captured in the printing process.

With all of these social enterprise projects, the women have not only learned new and valuable skills, they have also come to realize that they have more talents than they ever give themselves credit for.   By tapping into to these hidden talents, we have helped the women to realize their potential to reaching many of their dreams.


While encouraging their talents to blossom, they are also taught the finer details of merchandising, marketing, and selling products through the “Almost Home” Shop that TPCS, Inc. sponsors.