Case Management

Our case management services are designed to ensure access to a range of services for the client and their family members.

Our program begins with the completion of a comprehensive needs assessment to identify both short and long-term goals. With this information, a personalized service plan is developed to assist the client to transition from a state of homelessness to independent living based on their individual level of readiness. Ongoing referrals, monitoring and follow-up is a necessary step in ensuring clients achieve their goals.

Residents in our Servant’s House shelter are required to meet with their case manager at least twice a month, and/or on an as needed basis.

The level of service needed is expected to change as the client progresses through the program and receives ancillary services.

As goals are achieved, clients will establish new goals and revised service plans will be drafted. During this time frame, clients are required to participate in various support groups that are offered to help promote independent functioning as well as one-on-one counseling.

Following placement into permanent housing, TPCS will continue to provide supportive services to the client for a period of three (3) to six (6) months, as needed and/or requested.

During this time, clients will have the opportunity to continue to have access to support groups, workshops, and will receive assistance with financial planning/budgeting.

Our case managers complete a re-assessment every ninety (90) days unless there is a change in the client’s circumstances that warrant an earlier re-assessment.