Turning Point | SERVANT’S HOUSE
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Servant’s House is an enhanced emergency housing model in operation since February 2002. TPCS has provided housing and supportive services to over 3,000 individuals in this program.


Our shelter has the capacity to house 24 families (depending upon family size/composition) and is staffed 24 hours a day in order to provide a safe and secure housing environment. Families live in an apartment like setting and share common spaces with other families who are assigned in adjacent rooms within a single unit. This ensures a family’s ability to have an independent and private living space which reduces the personal stigma and trauma of being in an open or congregate shelter environment. The shared spaces also help to build community and helps to foster comraderies among the women and children who reside in the unit together. This also helps to reduce episodes of depression, shame, and alienation.


Women and their children have full access to all of the programs and services offered in addition to an array of outside supportive services through established collaborative agreements with various agencies.


Particular emphasis is placed on helping women work towards identifying those barriers and challenges that keep them at risk for continued homelessness and unemployment. As well, significant emphasis is placed upon assisting our women who have substance abuse and/or mental health issues obtain the needed services to facilitate their ability to move towards physical and emotional wholeness thereby giving them the opportunity to address those gaps that have kept them disadvantaged and disenfranchised in so many ways.