Workshops & Presentations

Table Talk / Women’s Support Group Initiative

The Women’s Support Group Initiative arose out of the need to provide a safe, non-judgmental zone for the women in our program to discuss a myriad of issues affecting their everyday life. The group meets once a month, and is facilitated by the Servant’s House Administrative Coordinator and/or a guest speaker. The residents pick out topics that are of interest to them, and the Coordinator coordinates the groups to lend support and to provide information about various resources available to the women and the needs that they present. Our support groups are developed to help address issues of isolation and to begin developing community support networks with their peers.

Women participate in these groups as a part of their service plan or because it is a topic of interest to them. The groups are a place to find camaraderie, learn new information, and to share common concerns.

Cooking Program

We believe it is important to help the women we serve to understand and embrace healthy eating habits for themselves and their families. As such, the cooking program was developed to help mothers learn how to prepare healthy and hearty meals at reasonable prices.

This program has become a partnership between the residents, the staff, and community volunteers who work together on sharing shopping tips, learning where and how to buy fresh ingredients, how to prepare larger meals to ensure leftovers for the week, and most importantly, how to make the best use of their monthly budgets by avoiding the traps of buying fast food or single-meal frozen meals. Recipes are provided to the residents after the meal for future reference. It has become one of the most popular programs we offer.

Housing Placement Assistance

In an effort to respond to the need to assist residents in identifying safe and affordable permanent housing options, TPCS provides resource materials and information regarding permanent independent housing or secondary housing programs.

Ancillary Services

To best meet the varying needs of the women and children we serve, TPCS also invites outside agencies and presenters to provide additional support and services by offering the following:

  •  Family Violence Awareness Workshops
  • Domestic Violence Support Groups
  • Women Empowerment Groups and Workshops
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness
  • Substance Abuse Awareness
  • Anger Management Counseling
  • Family Therapy and Counseling
  • Financial Literacy Workshops
  • Occupational and Educational Counseling
  • Notification of Employment and Training Opportunities
  • Notification of Low-income Housing Opportunities