New Year, New Beginnings For Our TPCS Family

As we usher in the New Year, Turning Point Community Services is thrilled to share our exciting plans for 2024—a year of growth and transformation. Through the power of dynamic partnerships, corporate sponsorships, and caring individuals, we will embark upon another year in our journey of positively impacting the lives of women experiencing homelessness and abuse.

Through innovative programs and resources that support independence, nurturing intrapersonal growth, and preparing them for a more prosperous future, we continue to support our residents and clients on the road to self-sufficiency.

Capital projects, program development, and expansion of current services are well underway for 2024, including:

  • Our Servant’s House Emergency Shelter, which houses more than 70 individuals at a given time with private family bedrooms, will see updated meeting and communal spaces for case management services, social interaction, and meal preparation.
  • Clinical + Supportive Services (CSS) is a new program which is a holistic supportive model that provides a range of wrap-around services and workshops such as financial literacy and job readiness tailored to participants’ unique needs.
  • Continued Care Services is expanding to offer ongoing support for our families after leaving the shelter.
  • Charity Care Program is a new program that will allow non-agency referred mothers and their children to stay at Servant’s House with an intensive CSS plan. This program would allow women to come to us through houses of worship, other nonprofit organizations, or on their own.
  • FirstStep Permanent Housing Program a new offering that will provide supportive and affordable housing opportunities for our families.

You can follow us on social media @TPCSinc to follow along with the progress of these projects.

How To Help

We appreciate your interest in contributing to the Turning Point Community Services mission. Thank you for believing in the impactful work TPCS is doing to empower homeless women. Because of support like yours, we have provided emergency housing to over 4,500 displaced individuals and are committed to becoming a comprehensive solution that adequately addresses all the challenges faced by women and families experiencing homelessness since 2002.

Are you looking for ways to help us meet our goals? We are seeking individuals and organizations who are open to meaningful discussions and partnering with us on particular projects that align with your business purpose and personal interests. To get the conversation started, please email Dawn Schwartz, Chief Development Officer at

Donor Spotlight

In the tapestry of compassion, our donors stand as beacons of hope, weaving together threads of generosity that illuminate the lives of those we serve at Servant’s House. Their heartfelt contributions transcend mere assistance; they are radiant acts of compassion that transform moments into milestones and challenges into triumphs. Their financial contributions have not just provided shelter; they have sown seeds of empowerment, resilience, and optimism in the hearts of our women and families. Our donors have recognized that dignity lies in the details. Gift cards, Halloween costumes, toiletries, diapers, and warm coats—these seemingly simple items are essential to our residents. Through their thoughtful donations, our donors have bestowed not just essentials but also a sense of dignity and worth.

The women and families who have come through the doors of Servant’s House, including those who have graduated for our program, benefit from the kindness of community leaders and NJ businesses through the generosity of financial contributions and in-kind donations. Here are some of the donation highlights from 2023.

If you’re looking to be a part of our 2024 contributors, head to or contact Dawn to learn more.

New to the TPCS Team

Litasha Worthen-Barnes has a diverse career in law enforcement and social work. Currently obtaining her Master’s in Social Work from Rutgers University, Litasha is driven by a deep commitment to serving others, a dedication to community safety, and a genuine desire to effect meaningful social change. Before her career in social work, Litasha served as a police officer in the City of Orange. Her responsibilities encompassed maintaining peace and order, actively participating in community service events, and serving as a domestic violence advocate. Her experiences have given her a unique perspective on the challenges individuals and families face within her community. As a case manager at TPCS, she is eager to contribute her skills, experiences, and compassion to create a better and more equitable society.

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